Divorce is a detour–
not the end of your story.

ReRoute is an organization with real people offering real help, not just another resource page full of endless links … They walked me through my divorce, from attending court hearings to helping me re-launch my career.



Steps we help you take on your journey.

  • Understanding Your Needs

    The loss and brokenness facing you can be overwhelming. We listen to your story, without judgment, evaluate your needs and map out a plan for navigating your divorce.

  • Navigating the Detour

    Once we know your story, we match you with a mentor who walks alongside you throughout the process, providing personal support and connecting you with trusted professional resources depending on your legal, financial, emotional and/or spiritual needs.

  • Moving Forward

    As your divorce comes to an end, we celebrate how far you’ve come and connect you with aftercare and support services to ensure you successfully – and confidently – transition to your new normal.


News and stories.

Clarity in the Chaos

Divorce creates chaos as you face questions, decisions, confusion and a rollercoaster of emotions. LeeAnn shares on this podcast about her own experience of navigating the chaos that comes from...

My Journey

It is a very vulnerable place to revisit the memories almost 20 years later and share my divorce journey. It was a story I never dreamed would be mine. I am a pastor’s daughter. I grew up in the...

Lucy’s Story

LeeAnn’s help to me when going through my own divorce, hearing her story, and knowing how passionate she is about helping people in similar situations easily allows me to recommend her. She...

We provide support for women navigating the detour of divorce.